After the snow

Well, due to the snow and a few other contributing factors, we did not end up going to Phoenixville yesterday. And, hence, we are in New York today, spending some quiet time at home and at the movies before we plunge into the (good kind of) crazy that is Christmas with my family.

But it’s just as well. After church yesterday, Tom and I walked down through Soho to the wonderful Cafe Gitane, where we feasted on spiced couscous with bits of eggplant, peppers, chicken, and who knows what else, spicy lamb sausage, toast with roasted red peppers, and mulled wine. We came home and spent the evening playing a video game together (fairly rare in this house) and then watching Heartbeat Detector, which was not nearly good as I’d hoped, compounded by the fact that Netflix was streaming it jumpily, and the sound became increasingly disconnected from the visual – not as huge of a deal for a subtitled film, but still annoying. But we ate cheese that we had planned to bring with us to PA and had a lovely time of it.

We are both “off work” for the next two weeks – I’ll be doing some things from outside the office and working on a piece for Paste, and Tom is off, but not getting paid, which makes it a bit less satisfying. We head north on Wednesday and should be back on Monday, mid-day. A much-needed end-of-the-year break.

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