Tis the season for movies, and so I’ve spent the better part of this week at screenings and at my desk, writing reviews. (One more to go before Christmas.) I’m not allowed to really talk about the movies before their release date, so I won’t say anything now. But it’s a bit wearying. This year’s overall film quality has been pretty poor, so the good movies – or the good-enough movies – are making waves, and while that’s fine, I find myself nostalgic for 2007, when I had to choose between No Country for Old Men and There Will Be Blood for the top of my list.

Tis also . . . the season, and so we’ve been making preparations for Christmas. This was the big Christmas gift-buying week. I wouldn’t say we’re overly extravagant, but we seem to have an awful lot of people to buy presents for this year, and so let’s just say that I’m looking forward to all the Amazon Rewards Points we’ll be getting. (We also left Whole Foods last night after the last round of gift-buying with the clerks asking us how they can become our friends.)

This weekend looks to be harried, but good: Friday night’s screening of A Christmas Tale (one of my favorite movies of 2008), A Streetcar Named Desire starring Cate Blanchett on Saturday afternoon, a trip to Phoenixville and then Swarthmore to visit friends. We’ll come home and have a day here before we head north for Christmas festivities!

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