Selected Publications

Tell Your Story, Tell It Well
The Gospel Coalition, 27 February 2012

Review: Open City (Teju Cole)
Books and Culture, January/February 2012

Review: Blue Nights (Joan Didion)
Books and Culture web extra, November 2011

Caveat Lector
Comment, 14 October 2011
Reflections on reading, via Alan Jacobs’ The Pleasures of Reading in an Age of Distraction and Tony Reinke’s Lit!.

Review: Take Shelter (dir. Jeff Nichols)
Christianity Today, 30 September 2011

Review: Moneyball (dir. Bennett Miller)
Christianity Today, 23 September 2011

Review: Seven Years (Peter Stamm)
Books and Culture web extra, September 2011

Making Stuff in Milwaukee
Books & Culture web extra, August 2011
Folk artist Eugene von Bruenchenhein and me.

Review: Home and Away web extra (David & Nancy French)
Books and Culture, July 2011

Brunch and Foolishness
The Other Journal, 12 July 2011 and in print in “The Food Issue”
Finding foolishness and truth in love and community.

Teaching the Art of Conversation and Civility
Center for Public Justice Capital Commentary, 24 June 2011
On imagination, education, and teaching civility in the internet age.

Malick’s Microcosm
Q Ideas, June 2011
A reflection on one of the themes in The Tree of Life.

Making Peace at the Dinner Table
Books and Culture, May/June 2011 (with Robert Joustra)
Reflections on the politics of the table, via Robert Paarlberg’s Food Politics and Wendell Berry’s What Matters? Economics for a Renewed Commonwealth.

Idols, Icons, and Facebook
Comment, 21 April 2011
What Jean-Luc Marion and Facebook can tell us about fasting and Lent.

Review: Jane Eyre (dir. Cary Fukunaga)
Christianity Today, 22 March 2011

Review: Views and Worldviews
Comment, 28 January 2011
Reflections on the problem with worldview talk, via Nancy Pearcey’s Saving Leonardo.

Review: The Fighter (dir. David O. Russell)
Christianity Today, 10 December 2010

Not Their Parents’ Conservatism
The Globe & Mail, 29 November 2010 (with Robert Joustra)
What opportunities do the Millenial generation’s disillusionment with markets and government present?

Review: The Social Network (dir. David Fincher)
Christianity Today, 1 October 2010

The Real Dissent of the Little Magazines
Center for Public Justice Capitol Commentary, 11 June 2010
While dissent is still the great work of the little magazine, its real unorthodoxy is not in its words.

Review: Brief Interviews With Hideous Men (dir. John Krasinski)
Paste, October 2009

Review: A Serious Man (dir. Joel & Ethan Coen)
Christianity Today, 2 October 2009

As Far as Postmodernism Goes: Navigating Postmodern Theory
Comment, September 2009
How can Christians thoughtfully navigate postmodern theory?

Review: Still Walking (dir. Kore-Eda Hirokazu)
Christianity Today, 28 August 2009

Review: Julie & Julia (dir. Nora Ephron)
Paste, 11 August 2009

A Song Grows in Brooklyn
Christianity Today, June 2009
Inspired by community, biblical truth, and good music, a Brooklyn couple makes music in their living room—as The Welcome Wagon.

Whose America Is It Anyway?
Patrol, 25 May 2009
On the theistic rationalism of America’s Founding Fathers, and what it means for today’s debates about religion in the public square.