I was raised in in rural upstate New York, where I was mostly homeschooled, practiced piano a lot, and raised laying hens. I came to New York City after graduating from RPI to work in technology on Wall Street. Since then, I’ve also been a technical writer and editor at NYU and a staff member at International Arts Movement, where I managed events and launched initiatives such as the Readers Guild. In 2008, I founded The Curator (which I handed off in 2010).

In 2009, I finished my M.A. at NYU in humanities and social thought, focusing on twentieth-century intellectual history, art, and religion. Now I teach at The King’s College in Manhattan and co-edit Comment, a journal of public theology. I’m studying toward an M.F.A. in creative nonfiction in Seattle Pacific University’s low-residency program; my criticism and essays on culture, religion,  theology, and politics appear in a variety of publications.

When I have free time, I indulge my book-buying “problem,” keep an eye on baseball (go Sox), and forget to go running. I have an embarrassing penchant for sci-fi shows and a less embarrassing one for good scotch. My photographer husband, Tom, and I like trying microbrews and watching The X-Files in our tiny apartment high above the Brooklyn treetops. We are members at Christ Church Clinton Hill.

For more, see my C.V. or various interviews.