What I've Been Writing

Even when I’m not blogging here, I’m doing a lot of writing. Here’s a few recent pieces I’ve published:

– A review of the new book The Dude Abides, at Patrol.

– A lot of reviews at Christianity Today Movies; most recently, New York, I Love You.

– At Paste, the lead review in the October mini-issue for Brief Interviews with Hideous Men.

I also have recently begun contributing to two blogs. The first is Living Jubilee, the blog for the CCO‘s annual Jubilee conference in Pittsburgh, which Tom and I attended last year as workshop leaders and found greatly encouraging (even though we’re both past our college years). I’m contributing on a mostly weekly basis.

The second is After Hours, a venture that some of my colleagues at Cardus and I have put together for commentary and conversation on issues that affect the architecture of North American life – economics, politics, art, literature, social issues, and scientific innovation. (Cardus, you may recall, is the publisher of Comment, for which I am associate editor.) Contributors will include emerging Canadian and American voices on these issues – those of us who may not have been around long enough to have finished all our graduate work or written any influential books, but are grappling with these issues nonetheless. (We’re in the process of ramping up still, but I contribute weekly.)

And of course, if you haven’t been tracking with us, you should visit Filmwell, where I (along with a bunch of critics I greatly respect and admire) publish on a fairly regular basis on cinema off the beaten track. We’re still a relatively new site, but we’ve drawn a significant audience thus far. Our articles were cited on several occasions at Greeencine and The Daily at IFC.com. The Auteurs’ David Hudson recently listed us as one of the Best Film Sites, and Online Degrees Hub cited Filmwell among the Top 100 Film Studies Blogs. I usually contribute short essays in the creative nonfiction vein, while the others are skilled at in-depth analysis or critical examination of film.

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