N.T. Wright, ProfHacker, Sarah Ruhl, and Faithful Institutions

sparklin' drops of spring

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It’s the middle of April, and that means the semester is winding down. A week ago, I realized – to my joy – that it’s the first time I haven’t been scrambling to finish a term paper at the end of a semester in a while.

Then I remembered that I have seventeen term papers to grade once they’re turned in on Thursday.

Oh well. In place of my own sanity, here’s some other good stuff from around the web that’s been occupying my “headspace” (I think I might hate that word):

  • The venerable N.T. Wright is in New York today. I went to his Q&A at King’s (where I teach) earlier today with some of my colleagues from IAM. He’s not only smart; he’s also gracious and interesting, and I am not exaggerating when I say that his book Surprised By Hope changed my life. Tonight he’s speaking at a sold-out event sponsored by the Center for Faith & Work, and I’ll be heading up there in a bit for that. I’m delighted that I’ll be seeing our friend Byron Borger of Hearts & Minds Bookstore (who’s selling books at the event), assisted by another great friend, Scott Calgaro of the CCO and the marvelous Jubilee conference. Byron wrote a little about Wright and work here today. And at an event like this in New York, I always see many people I know. Don’t listen to what they tell you: New York is a very small town.
  • Speaking of Wright, the recent Wheaton theology conference (one of what seemed like fourteen different conferences I wanted to be at least week) was a “conversation” with him, and you can now download MP3s of the various lectures (Wright and others, like Jeremy Begbie) at no cost from Wheaton’s website.
  • And by the way, my friend Brett McCracken was at that conference as well as another last week, and he had a fascinating roundup at his blog today.
  • Congrats to one of my favorite teaching-related resources, ProfHacker, for getting picked up by the Chronicle of Higher Education! And to my friend Dr. Heather M. Whitney for joining the team as a contributor. If you teach – in any capacity, but especially on the college level – ProfHacker is an invaluable resource.
  • Since one of my major research interests is in the intersection of religion and art, especially contemporary art, I usually read any article that comes across my desk on the subject – especially if it’s from the mainstream press. But this one on the production of Sarah Ruhl’s Passion Play at the Irondale Center in Brooklyn is especially interesting, particularly near the end. The Irondale Center is directly across the street from where I live, housed in Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church.
  • And lastly, the equally venerable Jonathan Chaplin is in The Other Journal talking about “faithful institutions.” In my relatively small associations with him via Cardus and Comment, I can assure you that this is worth your time.
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