Repentings, etc

So I gave Pinterest another shot over the weekend after your comments, and I kind of think I get it now. You can watch me figure out if I want to use it here.

Here’s an answer to a question that I’ve been asking: Why are we obsessed with the 1960s? Gopnik says there’s a forty-year rule. I think he might be right. (Would love to know what my criticism students think.) 

On that note, I read most of Patti Smith’s Just Kids over the weekend. It is compelling, but I think it’s a good example (students, take note) of a memoir that is compelling largely because of the people in it, and not because of the arc itself. I’m actually not sure it’s that compellingly written. But it did win a National Book Award. (Speaking of: what’s up with no Pulitzer fiction prize this year?!?)

2 thoughts on “Repentings, etc

  1. I am not sure about the 40 year rule…in the 1960s were we obsessed with the 1920s? I think it is becuase of the demographic bulge…so many people owe so much to the sixties as formative…

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