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I’m trying to get better about updating this blog when I publish things, so here we go: the kind folks at The Gospel Coalition asked me to contribute to a series of articles on “the church and the cultural challenge,” and my piece went up on their front page today. Here’s a small excerpt:

Perhaps the problem is that we’ve too long thought of testimonies as stories that must move along the same path: I was terribly broken, and Jesus turned me around. Though this is a vital form of testimony, there are others, too. Jacobs refers to these as “life genres.” The Christian life can take the form of many different genres, just like a novel: there’s the fantastical adventure epic, the quiet domestic drama, even the enigmatic mystery . . .

There is the testimony of fall and redemption; there is also the testimony of the Christian scholar, lawyer, parent, friend, husband, wife, student, artist, and many more. We each inhabit several genres, and telling those stories is vital to the continuing health of the church.

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