Oh technology

When I was a teenager and had first discovered the Internet (I am not that old, but I grew up in a very rural area and we had dial-up till I graduated from college and moved away – and yes, I earned an entire technology degree on dial-up! Good times), the warm weather seasons were a time of guilt because I had things I had to / wanted to be doing indoors, but I continually felt as if I should be outdoors.

After all: growing up in a perpetual land of snow and ice means you feel as if you ought to be grateful for good weather when you find it.

But this post is simply out of gratefulness and to say that now, thanks to the Apple gods, I am answering email and editing documents and basically being productive outdoors in a bench in a park. And thanks to the urban gods, it’s a safe family park that my tax dollars pay to landscape and mow and maintain.

Being a grownup rocks.

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