A Hurried Linkdump

I know I’ve been absent, mostly because since I last blogged I’ve entertained a ton of out-of-town company, written several relatively hefty articles, started the semester, and been to Canada and back. So what you get from me right now is a linkdump.

  • I wrote this review of Nancy Pearcey’s latest book, Saving Leonardo, and it published in Comment on Friday.
  • My friend David works at the Daily Beast and sent out this cheatsheet which he and another colleague put together with the best longform journalism on Egypt. Some great stuff on here.
  • On teaching literature through seduction. Not what it sounds like.
  • Bill Keller, executive editor of the New York Times, wrote a riveting, knockout piece on the paper’s dealings with Julian Assange. Also an impassioned defense of the freedom of the press. A real study in how to write an informative essay with personal elements.
  • Rowan Williams (Archbishop of Canterbury, if you’re not paying attention) set up a writing prize for young people and wrote a little about it in The Guardian a couple of weeks ago. A great idea, incidentally.
  • Colum McCann, author of Let the Great World Spin, on how boxing is like writing, or maybe how writing is like boxing.

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