A Week of Strange

I fail at blogging. But at least I’ve been thinking about blogging. That means that I’m remembering I have a blog, which is a positive development.

Every year, for the past few years, I have a number of strange things happen to me in the early months. Last year it was bedbugs, which I dearly hope never to repeat, followed by getting hired at King’s for the fall semester, which has been utterly delightful.

This week turned out to be my week of surprises. First, I got to be on The John and Kathy Show (on WORD-FM in Pittsburgh) on Tuesday, talking about the concept of being a Christian in the scholarly community. Several people asked me why I didn’t alert them to this sooner so they could have listened; I was on at 4:15pm, and I found out I’d be on around 2pm, so hopefully that explains it. But it was good fun and I’m hoping to meet John and Kathy in person at Jubilee next weekend.

Then there was a blizzard, kind of, on Wednesday. This is notable mostly because it doesn’t happen too often in New York City. It was a rather cowardly blizzard, as blizzards go. And I work from home on Wednesdays, so it wasn’t really a snow day. But it was fun to watch it fall and remember that I used to spend all winter dodging blizzards like this when I lived upstate. I don’t miss that one bit.

Thursday requires some explanation. King’s has a “Distinguished Visitor” series, in which famous, intelligent, or otherwise worthwhile people visit at noon for a lecture or a Q&A about their work. I require my students to attend some of the lectures but I’ve never been able to attend one myself.

Until Thursday. It worked out that Tony Hale (aka Buster Bluth) was the visitor, and as my students are studying film, I told them not to miss that one. Then I decided to go as well. Tony, while being hilarious, also managed to reinforce several things I had talked about in my class lecture that day (which I thanked him for). He also lived in New York years ago and therefore knows half of my friends, including my coworkers, so afterward we trekked up to the IAM Space and all chatted a bit whilst eating lunch. I’m used to running into people famous enough to have their own Facebook fan pages, but rarely do I have a great conversation with them. So, thanks, Tony.

So now it’s Friday, and I’m at work, of course. We’re showing Yi Yi tonight at IAM, and tomorrow we’re seeing people all day, and Sunday is Valentine’s Day (though we have no huge plans that I know of).

And I will try to blog before next weekend, especially because we leave on Friday morning for Jubilee. By the way, Ash Wednesday is this week. Isn’t that crazy?

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