There is a reason I haven’t blogged in over a week, and that is that I have been rather ill in between being rather busy. I’m still sick, but I have to teach tomorrow, so whether or not I have a voice I’ll be there. (Thankfully, my students are slated to present on various film history topics tomorrow, so I won’t need to say much.)

If you, too, are under the weather, you ought to check out Katy’s list of strategic ways to combat what ails you. My blood pressure precludes the use of Sudafed, but I did run through my supply of Breathe Easy tea and have moved on to elderberry syrup, echinacea + propolis throat spray, and slippery elm lozenges, which I am trying not to use up too fast.

But it’s been a good week, if we don’t count the hacking cough. Last night, Tom led a bourbon tasting at an IAM event for young patrons, and all twenty or so participants, plus staff, enjoyed themselves greatly. There was good food and good music and good company – and that’s all you really need.

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