Goodbye, 2009

I was thinking, at first, that 2009 was relatively uneventful; then I thought harder, and knew I was wrong.

There were quite a few firsts this year. I got my first teaching job – and, incidentally, found the first thing I’ve ever loved doing unreservedly and would be happy doing for a very long time.

Tom and I took our first long vacation together off the East Coast, in places neither of us had visited before: a week in the Caribbean (where, for the first time, we snorkeled and kayaked on the ocean), and a week in Santa Fe.

We started our mostly-monthly brunch series and crammed 20+ people into our apartment.

In January, we battled our first bedbug. (I say bedbug, singular, because we never managed to find it or see it, and it was most certainly not an infestation. But it was awful. There may have been two or three, but they tortured us for a month until we beat them with elbow grease, a mattress cover, and Mr. Clean.)

Tom got a Wii for his birthday, and has been enjoying it since. I never once played video games growing up, so I’m learning to like it, but that’s a big first for me.

I also, of course, finished my graduate degree, which I’d been working on since January 2008 – not a dreadfully long time, but long enough that it felt monumental.

I’m sure there are others I’m forgetting, but at the end of the year, I am mostly grateful for what happened, and ready to move into a new year and decade. The noughties were good to me, on the whole, and I’m curious to see what the teens will bring.

This year is full of resolve – resolutions mostly given to me for health or career reasons, and very few I’ve made myself. But I hope mostly to slow down and remember it all more thoroughly.

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