New York is for Good Food Lovers

One of the things I like most about living in New York is that many people at least pretend to care about what they eat on a daily basis. Brooklyn is locavore central (which may seem ironic if you haven’t been here), but even for those who never cook for themselves, good options are everywhere. All chain restaurants are required by law to put calorie counts next to their food choices (which was a huge shock at first, though I’ve noticed calories going down over the last year – smaller portions?). Every deli seems to have a tossed salad station now, made to order on spinach or mixed greens. Practically every burger joint worth its salt has taken to using grass-fed beef, and proudly proclaims the news on the menu.

But what made me think about this today: I passed one of those little generically Italian pizza joints on University Place, near NYU. They’re ubiquitous and always called “Gino’s” or “Papa Somebody-or-other’s” or “Luigi’s.” Fluorescent lighting, tiny place with room for one line, the sort of place you expect enormous slices of greasy pizza and a can of Pepsi for $1.50.

But outside was a sandwich board proclaiming “We make whole wheat crusts and use organic vegetables!”

Only in New York.

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