Almost a new year, and almost-new writing

Over Thanksgiving, I was trying to remember when a certain holiday event had taken place, so I went to our old blog to look it up.

I poked around the archives a bit and realized something: I was a much funnier writer when I blogged. In fact, I chuckled at some of my own old blog entries. The practice of blogging gave me a reason to remember things that happened during the day, a reason to capture moments.

We ended the blog when 2008 turned into 2009 because it had become a burden, something I felt like I had to do but couldn’t fit into the schedule. But nowadays, my life is quite different, and now that I’ve just about finished my M.A. – hopefully-final-thesis-draft was deposited in the department this week! – I think I’d like to take it back up again, as a way of making a daily or more-daily practice out of writing once again.

So, here I am. I make no promises. But I hope to see you around these parts.

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