Fresh beginnings

I have been casting about for weeks, trying to find a good system for my blog and website. I think I’ve finally settled on this theme. Inevitably, tweaks will come (it seems my undergrad was good for something), but frankly, I don’t have time to fuss with it anymore. So, here you go. Welcome to me, cyber-style.

In other news, in between my hectic schedule teaching, writing, editing, and working on my M.A. thesis, and Tom’s long days at work on set, we managed to celebrate our third anniversary in early September. It was completely wonderful. We had brunch at the Chelsea location of the restaurant at which we met (because the West Village location closed a few years ago); went to the Natural History Museum and, most importantly, the planetarium (which we loved!); ate a snack – mushroom burgers – at the UWS Shake Shack (no line!); and came home to Brooklyn and ate a fabulous meal at No. 7 – their cocktails and steak alone merit the accolades.

Which has all left me reflecting on the past three years of marriage. We weren’t given too many breaks at the beginning, since my father had just suddenly and unexpectedly passed away, and that means we always have sorrow mixed in with the joy at our anniversary. But we have so thoroughly enjoyed being married and growing to understand all that it means. Yes, marriage is work – but it is also so much fun. We highly recommend it.

Now I’m entering my fifth autumn living in New York, and I am every bit in love with this place as I was the first autumn. As I said to Tom recently, I really enjoy visiting other places, and I have a great appreciation for the variation of people, culture, and landscape to be found outside these tiny islands. But I never felt at home anywhere until I moved here.

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