A Homemade Life

Mary Hawthorne at the New Yorker‘s “Book Bench” blog talked a little today about Molly Wizenberg’s A Homemade Life.

Wizenberg, of course, is the author of the highly-acclaimed food blog Orangette, which boasts great recipes and food photography – two of my very favorite things. And incidentally, I bought A Homemade Life a month and a half ago, but only got around to reading it on Tuesday. I don’t really read food memoirs, but this was a good read. I finished it in an evening – it reads fast if you don’t stop to read all the recipes, too – and though some of it’s the kind of food I’ll never really make (much heavier on baking and creamy things than I am) it was a sweet homage to Wizenberg’s family, especially her father, who died of cancer, her mother, and her beloved husband, as well as numerous cities she’s lived in.

That’s the very best kind of food book, with a good heart and no real agenda. It would make a fabulous gift for the cook (or eater) in your life.

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